Bend dating

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Snowshoeing on Tumalo Mountain is fine, but remembering the hot cocoa and cookies raises the bar.

And, a trip to Mount Bachelor is a fun day, but skiing, drinking wine and making out on the chairlift is a step up.

That night, the husband questions his wife, “What’s so hard about finding someone to love in Central Oregon? ” That same walk, after dark, highlights the mass of single adults looking to share stories of the day’s conquests, at work or on the mountain, with friends and potential mates.

While finding a soulmate may seem like an easy proposition to those in a relationship, traditionally, Bendites’ search for everlasting love becomes a frustratingly arduous task.

“Once I was on a date and after a short while, we both realized our sons knew each other,” illustrates Lola, a forty-something divorcee. It kinda killed the mood.” Luckily, it’s the bad dates that illuminate the good ones.