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There’s great art culture, easy access to the outdoors, and it’s a community obsessed with food—the local greeting translates to “have you eaten yet?

” Chiang Mai, Thailand Known for its beauty, Thailand is a great spot to spend a tropical retirement.

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This is Froon’s photo taken on the day they went missing.

Based on their cellphone data, the girls tried to contact 911 less than two hours after this photo was snapped. Kremers on the same location as the picture from Froon.

Pau, France If you want some Old World ambiance in your retirement haven, try looking at Pau.

It’s close to England and has a large, established, and welcoming expat community.

Cuenca, Ecuador This beautiful, well-maintained colonial city is home to a large expat community, offers good, affordable healthcare, and boasts a low cost of living.