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Someone new came into O chat the other day (English was not their native language btw).

After chatting a bit, this guy asked a girl if he could view her. We have forums, a photo gallery, a webcam-enabled chat room and more... ) and will give you access to member profiles, private member photos, private messenging, our chat room... Orgasmanic consists of a forum, member pic gallery, shoutbox and audio/video chat room, among other things I cover each of these in more detail below.

I hear there are no more glory hole except by word of mouth. I would probably see one and run but it's a nice fantasy...

My email has been innundated by msg announcements from O and I'd like to turn that off. I have to scroll through dozens of msg announcements every day to read my regular email. A couple more things I'd like to add- I'm on a PC running Vista.

I also know that there sometimes lacks a little, ummm, artistic quality to the pictures.

I am not saying it is bad, but sometimes I would like to see something a little classier or creative.

But you see, we have found that that typically just causes escalating nonsense that can get totally out of control. But not to worry, registration here is free and fairly painless!