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A friendly middle aged woman greeted us and explained the layout of the club.

It was relatively empty when we arrived and so we ordered some drinks and took a stroll around the various rooms: open rooms with beds, smaller, private rooms with glass fronted doors, one large room with a bed the size of four doubles put together and the ‘grope box’ (a cabin-like box with various holes intended for people to touch anonymously).

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We had a few hours before the club opened and so rapidly moved onto a less busy pub where we could sit and talk.

As I ordered at the bar, he took a call from the economist asking whether he was free to meet for drinks.

He arrived in a taxi, looking incredibly dashing with his crisp white shirt and smart jacket.

He apologised for choosing such a busy pub, went to order a beer and joined me outside.

The irony of the situation was not lost on either of us.