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Heck, If we followed all that the bible says, all of us who attend church and follow the words of God(Via the bibke) we would all be in jail.

A while ago i saw something about this piece of sh** on the news..he said something about it being completely legal...freaking sicko needs to be shot and so do her parents for allowing that thing to stay alive That turns my stomach inside out. needs legalities to figure out a 12-year-old is not old enough to marry. Someone should hit him over the head with a cast iron skillet and knock some sense into him. As sick as it is,i also knew a guy who said if it was legal he would want to get with many younger girls..the problem also is the way society is today,in my opinion,i dont agree with these young girls dressing half naked because they think its sexy,i think someone needs to show and tell these girls that sexy does not mean showing all you have,it invokes perverts.

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It was how you carried yourself and the beauty of the heart. I am not making excuses for the illnesses the parents of that girl have. At that age, the girl does not realize the meaning of what marriage is. They failed her and the poor example of a human failed her.