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We appreciate that, and we appreciate that you still love Barbados after almost 20 years of heartache – but if we change history at your request, if we become like the rest of the lapdog Barbados news media and assist in a cover-up, we do no good for Barbados and we dishonour ourselves.

If we delete the truth, if we delete history, nothing will change for Bajans and it sure won’t change for the foreign investors who still get burned with condos and timeshare units.

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As we have learned in the past, the Barbados media will often self-censor stories from the internet so as not to incur the wrath of the Government.

A Canadian judge has sparked outrage by saying a 17-year-old sexual assault victim was 'overweight but had a pretty face' and may have been 'flattered' by her attacker's attention.

We think of counselling as a conversation with someone who you can trust, who won't judge you, and who wants to help.

It seems like every day there's a new form of online dating.

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