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How can I get a copy of a W5 story for my personal use? A written transcript of a segment of W5 can be purchased for $20.00 each (taxes and delivery included).

Dear Barbados Free Press, A friend just pointed out that this article continues to be posted on the internet but the issue has long been resolved. Would you please remove this link and the associated comments as to have them on this site distorts the issue at this stage and only harms Barbados. Desanti, We are pleased that you were finally able to settle your lawsuit and extricate yourself from almost 20 years of condo hell. If you care to write us privately or for public consumption (your choice), we’re still happy to listen and consider your thoughts. You solved your problem in part because you went public with the local papers and blogs to pressure the government, and also because you threatened to take your battle for justice to the internet.

You’ve been successful in obtaining some justice after almost two decades, but Barbados Free Press would betray everything we believe in, and everything we stand for, if we agree to your request. Much respect, Marcus, Shona, Cliverton, Robert, Nevermind Kurt, George & Auntie Moses.