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I love her to bits but I do not like her at all at the moment. She has a private education and wants for nothing really (although we do not give her everything she asks for by any means). ) a good girl and does well at school and does not get in trouble. I know I was like this when I was her age and I always thought I would be able to relate to her when she hit her teen years, and am really upset that I cannot!

Can anyone suggest something other than the usual advice - talk to her, listen to her, love her etc. Does anyone know of any working/voluntary holidays for teens? One very stressed and at a loss to know what to do mother!!!! my daughter has been like that since she was about 9 (she's now 11!

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Chin up,it will get better and it sounds as though she's got a mum who loves her very much, I'm sure she'll realize that too soon.