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He lives his life in what I previously described as a paranoid bubble of data control. I have no idea what happened but my account was terminated suddenly. I'm not against using all in services like Google but you need backups, an exit plan and a DR strategy explaining where all the services will go plus the time to carry it out.No warning and no explanation as my backup address was no longer valid. I lost documents, account details, contacts, calendars, email history, conversations between people on hangouts plus my phone decided to ask me to sign in again and became as useless as a dumbphone instantly. Everything remains portable between OS and provider now. If you don't have these or it's too expensive to do this even for a personal user, don't even cross the starting line with the product.

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So that, if you need to can take your mail and other online business stuff elsewhere if need be. Where no established open standard exists, they provide clean HTML or JSON.https://takeout.google.com/settings/takeout I wouldn't actually call Mbox a standard.

Beyond this article a user might start working for some place that does not allow external app use, but they can bring their data with, to be loaded onto the service. Thunderbird supports it, but I'd argue it sucks as a way to escape Gmail, because no competitor to Gmail supports it as an import method.

The best (though imperfect) proxy for the climate impact of a given service is how much it costs.

If Google is giving away the service for free, it can't be costing them a lot of energy to run (or alternatively it's producing a lot of value for them).

First, all incoming email is forwarded to an mailbox (which never complains about lack of space). As long as I never forget to renew that, I should be OK....