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He later sent her a card saying he had invited her 'because you are attractive, intelligent and charming' before urging her to 'dispose' of the note.In a second note, Mr Hopkins enclosed a photograph of Ms Mc Carthy and described her as 'pretty' before again asking her to dispose of it.In another note sent less than two years ago he told the MP had a 'nice dream' about her the night before.

The MP was suspended by the Labour Party on 2 November 2017 following allegations made against him which are currently being investigated.

Hopkins had allegedly sexually harassed and behaved inappropriately towards a Labour Party activist, now aged 27.

Ms Mc Carthy first met Mr Hopkins when she was in her late 20s and they were both involved in Labour politics in her home town of Luton.

In 1994, when she was chairwoman of Luton North constituency Labour Party (CLP) and he chaired Luton South CLP, they went out for lunch, with Ms Mc Carthy believing it was solely to discuss political issues.

The claims were originally brought to the attention of Rosie Winterton in 2015 when she was Labour's Chief Whip.[20] Hopkins has 'absolutely and categorically' rejected the accusation of sexual impropriety.

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