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April - "This is April O Niel reporting for channel 1 news. As soon as the door was closed I had Sasha sit on my rod with her pussy positioned right over my dick at which point I forced her down onto it, she gave a cry of surprise at this act.

After receiving a tip off that this is the infamous Shredder base. I once again found myself fondling my partner's breasts as she stimulated my dick with her pussy by moving up and down on it.

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I will be giving everyone a first person look into what is going on inside! While pumping her I called Sasha my little “wood nymph” and began fucking her hard and rough. I did the same routine with her as I had Aisha, and just like Aisha I felt our bodies changing. After the changes the 2 of kissed deeply for a few minutes, while in the midst of intercourse, and after the kiss continued for 2 or 3 more hours.

" April then proceeds inside the building holding a flashlight in one hand and the camera in the other. Sasha's legs became more athletic and her ears took on a leaf like shape in addition to lengthening and she seemed to have a new aura that was like the kind of aura that nymphs were refuted to have along with her hair taking on greenish tint and looking like leaves that had been arranged in an highly attractive way in addition to all that she also received gem matching mine on her forehead. When we had finished I instructed Aisha to open the door and let the newly transformed Sasha out, then let Lina in.

Usually modest, at this time he steped up and took on a challenge. He does this for all the games with style of art he made He Does it for every game i can't tell you which ones he ripped it off but i guarantee you all of his games made in this style are ripped off something.

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