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But when she gets separated from her teammates, she unknowingly stumbles across a dragon's nest. Chapter 2: Hinata eagerly awaits for Naruto to get home so she can tell him the good news. It's that time of year at Magnolia High, and it can only mean one thing! He also forms a hatred of cats that will last forever. Could it be that Natsu and Lucy are hiding something from everyone?

It's then she realizes, not all stories have an ending she can expect. Pre-Parallels#1: It had to be criminal for a couch to feel this good. An incident involving the kitchen in flames leaves Goku lost and confused.

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The instant it comes back, I'll pick up my old projects. But that looks to take a while...a long, long while. Updates:1/1/15 - Updated Scarecrow Boy--can you spot what's new? Kushina is intent on uncovering this secret, by any means necessary. But years later there are a few surprises in store for him and 'a new hope.' Luke Vader oneshot AU. Tired from a long evening fighting in the war, Howl finds himself dealing with burning questions, sleeping memories and a cleaning woman who isn't what she seems... The Temple is in an uproar, Qui Gon is in the Healer's Wing, and no one knows what happened to his Padawan. [ONESHOT][AU, sequel to FAH] Sixteen years after the death of the last Sith Lord, trouble brews in the Republic yet again. AU Former Senator Padme Amidala has been thrown out of her office when Palpatine declared himself Emperor. Vader in this fic is without his suit and has never met Padme before.[AU] In a distant realm where sword and sorcery rule, unlikely heroes have been chosen to save their world. Meanwhile, Tabby's dramatic appearance in the fight against Sabertooth may be a double edged sword]COMPLETE When Kurt won the contest to spend the weekend in a 'haunted hotel' he was thrilled.

When she finds it out, he might find out something, too... Summary: (Contains Pokemon--Obviously AU) Kushina wants to visit a haunted house. : P One-shot Random one-shots about awkward situations between the cutie couple naruhina... Sasu Saku - If you give fourteen people sixteen weeks to learn as much about each other as possible, what would you get? Book Two of Visions of the Past, Memories of the Future, Sequel to Problem Child. He wondered if his life would flash before his eyes. Maybe he could ask for a Western or a thriller instead. Too bad the only ones that can save the galaxy are blissfully unaware. So were Rogue, Kitty and Remy when they were invited to accompany him.

Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker follow to stop him, but discover that Dooku went to the past where Obi-Wan is a young padawan to a very much alive Qui-Gon Jinn. " Videl yelped in surprise before she whirled with surprising speed for a human and jabbed a finger towards Gohan's face. "Natsu, seeing the bright smile that Lucy gave him, felt his heart constrict with emotion. They soon grow close, but will their love last through her lie and the real Kikyo's attempts to reclaim what is hers? The X-Men are suppose to be in medievial times, ok? he feels like he lost all happiness, but he ends up gaining a new one...

Now, the two must go undercover to stop Dooku's plans from coming to fruition in order to save not only the future, but also young Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn. She didn't ask to get dragged into a multi-dimensional war with a happy-go-lucky Demon King. Natsu wasn't much of a 'think before you do' type of guy because almost every time he did it would flop right in his face. But with Lucy's heart at stake, he found himself in a lopsided struggle for her affection. Natsu is addicted to sleeping in Lucy's bed and she's downright sick of it...until she realises why he does it. He could still remember when he'd been afraid of all the feelings this one woman had invoked in him with just a smile. And he had missed every smile, every kiss that he couldn't get while he was gone. " Being raised by a dragon has its disadvantages when it comes to women but Lucy thought it was cute nonetheless. The Hokage gave Kushina a 'mission' and now she's ready to kill him so he gave Minato a mission to keep her away from him, unfourtunalty they end up in an embarassing situation again, 7th in the series Why did exactly Goku proposed to Chichi? In a time of war and uncertainty, Fourteen-year-old Princess Sabé Naberrie must learn about herself while fighting for those she loves. Theres a tournament for Kitty's hand in marriage and I hate Lance! please R&R [spoiler: this is a bad mood fic, can't guarantee greatness...]Another songfic, plotless, and complete mush and fluff.

Slightly AU ending to Cell games (and more so from that point on). Goku will soon learn that galactic pirates, killer androids and Majin demons are nothing in comparison to a fiery, hormonal woman about to deliver a baby Saiyan.