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Lite than I anticipated, and I also keep running into limitations/quirks/bugs/idiocrasies of the Web Extension APIs (and sometimes HTML5 stuff as implemented by Firefox).

So, even though I wanted to have something presentable by now, I failed my self-set deadline once more.

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While my development version can make *some* simple downloads already, there is still problems with other more complicated types of downloads that need e.g. And downloading large files is still far from what I expect/want performance-wise. I will only promise that I’ll work as quick as possible.

For the curious: I started writing the first bits of code back in late August and worked on it since then (of course not full-time, as it doesn’t pay my bills).

There were some bits that turned out to be more fiddly than I anticipated, then some freelancing work (what actually pays my rent) took longer than anticipated, and then some medical stuff (nothing to worry, but still preventing me from spending the time I originally planned for DTA) and other personal stuff…

This all completely made me miss my timeline I planned.

Bonus Screenshot The manager tab, recently, with some demo downloads I used to test how stuff will look like.