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To make sure taxes are then calculated correctly due to rounding, we need to split the discount across all items in the cart rather than simply remove an amount from the total.

When you split a discount across the cart, naturally, half values could occur which in turn can cause rounding issues once everything is summed up.

You can feel free to use or share them with your friends.

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Calc Basis This will only appear for dollar valued promotion codes.

Visibility (Office Only)If checked, this promotion code will be valid for back office use only.

Create a new promotion code by clicking on the orange NEW button on the right side of your screen. From here, you should fill out the appropriate fields: Code This is where you enter in the specific code that customers will use to receive their discount.

Description This is a description of what the code is for. Value This is where you would decide if your promotion code will be a percentage (%) or dollar ($) value.

This is the date that the customer In many cases, you may find that Activity Dates and Booking Dates are the same time range.