Purpose dating christian perspective bradley cooper not dating jennifer lawrence

As I shared, she responded by saying, “Hearing you share about the challenges you are having in your singleness makes me so glad I am married.” In that moment I was also feeling very glad that she was married and didn’t share the same continued frustration I often feel.As I reflect back on her words, and the things I shared with her that night, I realize a lot of the challenges we face today as singles center around the confusion of intentionality.

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The standards of our culture leave us believing it is okay to date with selfish intent—to date without purpose, with no plan, without deliberate acknowledgement and respect for the other person’s feelings, heart and emotions.

Unfortunately, I fear the societal and cultural norms are becoming way too comfortable in the Christian dating scene as well.

After spending time teaching English in South Korea, she has returned to America and is working on writing her first book.

As a Social Worker, she has a passion for serving others and plugging into the community.

Being intentional means treating that person differently then others.