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I expected this TV to last a minimum of 5 years, based on the fact that the cheap CRT TVs I've always owned lasted more than 12 years.I will never touch a Sony product again if they don't make this right.

The meats for the charcuterie boards were donated by Welch’s Stop and Shop (St.

John, IN) and also a portion of the fresh meats were donated by Welch’s and Acorn Farms in Chesterton.

And I will join any class action lawsuit that arises from this. yesno10/5/11 We bought our son a Sony Bravia on May 15th of this year from Best Buy. We bought him a 4-year warranty for this beautiful 52-inch TV.

After 4 months, we did not expect this product to break. Because of this repair, my son's 3 small children are without a TV for a week. yesno10/3/11 My Sony TV is not yet two years old but after having the TV on for about an hour, the picture slowly blackouts until the entire screen is black. It's a good thing that I did replace all my TVs with Sony. yesno10/2/11 I have the famous "Bravia problem." Hopefully, some wealthy attorneys who has purchased one of these Bravias will get pissed enough to force a "total recall" of these TVs and make things right.

Yasir Fasih, MD is a practicing Internist in Schererville, IN. Fasih graduated from Dow Medical College in 1999 and has been in practice for 19 years. If you’re like most of us, discussing problems with your sex life can be embarrassing.