Songs about guys dating the wrong girl

It literally releases the feel-good chemicals in our brains that many synthetic drugs target.

You become addicted to it, and like a drug, our best high is always the most memorable.

In order for a person to present himself or herself to your consciousness so regularly, he or she must have had a tremendous impact on the person you are today. If the thoughts are followed with pleasant feelings, then he or she must be a good part of you.

If you let go of the one then you will likely experience this oxymoronic happiness for a long time.

I often think that the right person for us is the person we find to be a better person than ourselves.

And we’ll always be searching for that very same high – or higher.

Some people come into our lives and leave a lasting impression.

Many of us are lucky enough to fall in love more than once in our lives, each time bringing slightly different tints of the same feelings.