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There are no existing built environments of similar age in the interior of the country.

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On closer consideration of the descent lines of the coastal and the clan Somalis, it is noticeable the similarity in time-depth of genealogical traditions as constructed by each.

The (family histories) of the large clan confederacies of the interior contain around thirty to thirty-five generations of ancestors before arriving at eponymous founder ancestors who came from Arabia – of which Sheikh Isaaq and Sheikh Darod are examples.

At the present time (post-state collapse) the position of the urban Reer Hamar (and Banaadiri generally) is that of a small minority in the overall political landscape in Somalia and the state’s administration.

This is in spite of their noteworthy contribution to the spiritual bedrock of the nation, and the key role they played in Somalia’s independence struggle.

Banaadir is a geographical designation that pre-dates European colonial occupation of this part of the Horn of Africa, and derives from the Arabic ‘building(s) made of stone’, distinguished the Old Town quarters of the Banaadir from the more modest indigenous huts of wattle – and so we have the term Stone Town(again, familiar to students of Swahili, and of which the most famous of the Stone Towns of the East African coastal region is Zanzibar). Banaadiri traditions speak of 39 families migrating to the coast from Arabia/Persia around this time, with names that indicate the tribes and towns where they originated.