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The data import features can be accessed from the environment pane or from the tools menu.

The importers are grouped into 3 categories: Delimited data, Excel data and statistical data.

To ensure that the Excel import maps properly to the Quick Base field, I suggest making the fields names and the column headings identical.

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We can clean this up by skipping 6 rows from this file and unchecking the "First Row as Names" checkbox.

The file is looking better but some columns are being displayed as strings when they are clearly numerical data.

Kutools for Excel includes more than 120 handy Excel tools. And in the Insert File at Cursor dialog box, select a cell which you want to put the data begin in, and then click Browse button to select one workbook that you want to insert. Then click OK, and choose one worksheet if your workbook contains multiple worksheets from the Select a Worksheet dialog, see screenshot: 5.

Input Box(prompt:="Select source range", Title:="Source Range", Default:="A1", Type:=8) wkb Crnt Work Book. Input Box(prompt:="Select destination cell", Title:="Select Destination", Default:="A1", Type:=8) rng Source Range. Kutools for Excel also provides Insert File at Cursor feature for you to solve this problem. Open your workbook that you want to insert another worksheet data. Click Enterprise Insert File at Cursor, see screenshot: 3.

We can fix this by selecting "numeric" from the column dropdown.