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The stone, along with the other artefacts he had found, were hidden away at unknown locations after their use.After this event, that marked the end of the First Age, any knowledge of the stone faded from history for thousands of years.

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The stone has been hidden at various locations throughout history, being forgotten for millennia before resurfacing again.

It is considered a mythical object, or as Movario, who spent many years researching it, puts it: The Stone of Jas is probably the most important, the most significant, the most powerful artefact to be discovered in Gielinor.

Because of this, the Dragonkin are forced to act whenever the stone is being abused in order to subside their pain, be it by destroying its false user, or anything that lives at all.

At some point the Elder Gods abandoned the worlds they created, leaving their artefacts scattered among the many worlds they were last used.

One of the many worlds they created was known as Gielinor, which appeared to be their last and most perfect creation.