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Wiig, 42, dressed in a strapless black bikini top and patterned navy bottoms while her writer/actor beau displayed plenty of PDA also sported printed swim trunks.

The couple showed plenty of PDA during their beach trip, kissing and walking hand-in-hand.

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“What’s interesting to explore is: What’s the relationship like between a 40-year-old and a 26-year-old? “At the end of the first season when she let him know how old she was, people thought, ‘Well that’s the end of the show.’ But I thought that was the beginning of the interesting part of the show because we could really explore the reality of that relationship, which we continue to do this season.”Kelsey is an astute book editor, and even runs Empirical’s youthful imprint Millennial, but her taste in men was deplorable.

Her longtime boyfriend Thad (Dan Amboyer) took her for granted and cheated on her regularly, which made his sudden death last season in a freak accident somewhat bittersweet.

“I loved her,” he said of the Tony-winning actress.

“I’ve seen almost everything she’s done on stage and I really wanted to work with her. She had me fooled.”Art continues to imitate life on “Younger” this season when Liza turns another year older in her TV timeline.

After they split, she complained of their wild relationship.